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    People behind bars, Berlin Zoo

    Object Name
    Dateearly 1930s (printed 2012)
    Label Text

    The oldest and most renowned zoo in Germany, the Zoologische Garten was a popular gathering place for Berlin’s middle- and upper-class Jewish community before World War II. Many affluent Jewish families, including the Vishniacs, were shareholders. Beginning in 1933, the zoo began to force out Jewish board members. In 1938, a sign reading “Juden unerwünscht” (Jews Unwanted) was displayed at the entrance to the zoo and in early 1939 Jews were denied entry entirely. In Vishniac’s photograph of the zoo’s famous polar bears, it appears that the visitors, and not the animals, are in a cage.

    Inkjet print
    Image: 12 x 11 3/8 in. (30.5 x 28.9 cm)
    place taken Berlin, Germany
    Credit Line
    Roman Vishniac Archive
    Accession Number2012.79.15
    © Mara Vishniac Kohn, courtesy International Center of Photography

    For all uses of photographs by Roman Vishniac contact ICP at: [email protected].